Limes. La geografia nasce dall'odio / Limes. Geography spawns from hate

Limes. La geografia nasce dall'odio / Limes. Geography spawns from hate

Installation, Political / Social, Landscape, Memory, Various materials, 200x200x200cm
Limes: limits, ancient hatreds, new boundaries.
Shouting "Vivat Pandur!", an imperial Hapsburg army militia, around the middle of the eighteenth century, took sides in defense of the borders with the Ottoman Empire.
Limit. Protect. Invade. Contain. Only pretexts to draw new maps.
The geography spawns from hate, the Balkans make no exception.
When hate will be appeased, we will give new names to streets and squares: we will remember with ferocity.

This project as a dominant idea: how to translate a modern cartography that, starting from an assumption of extreme sincerity, founds its terminology in hatred? Geographical divisions, births of states, names of streets or squares, always or almost always, arise from violent actions. After or during a war we set new boundaries, new rules, landscapes and human spaces. Usually, the cities call their own roads with names from winning action of the war times. In contrast, the mapping that I propose in this project bases its classification on the most terrible and ferocious human actions. A politically incorrect way to avoid falling into oblivion, to reopen the wounds of memory.

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Valentine Murphy
3 years ago
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