‘’Self Portraits’’ is a project about transition and change.
It starts when I moved out, but it is not clear yet when it might end.

For the first time I see myself, I am here, with my fragilities and my unacceptable limits. I won't be a thought, an idea, or someone else's judgment any longer.

I'm a photograph.

I have changed life, I have changed home, I have changed my habits.
I feel like a box, they took me away from myself.

I don't know what I became, what I want, where I want to go.
I don't know what I feel.

Abandonment, loss, strength, weakness, freedom and solitude.
They are tied together.

I re-work the world, I fix it.
I hold on to the light, to reality.

I try to straighten things up by losing pieces, then glueing them back chaotically, holding
my breath in.

And life goes by, disrupting every plan.

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8 months ago
sereaugy Artist
ti capisco ... ci sono passata.... anch'io tramite la fotografia e all'autoritratto ho rivisto me stessa e l'ho accolta, com'era diventata e le ho fatto riaprire occhi, cuore, mente. grazie.
9 months ago
Lis Artist, Photographer
E' un progetto stupendo, la descrizione mi ha colpito molto...allora è vero che esiste un momento in cui iniziamo a conoscersi e quindi a fotografarsi, ma serve un cambiamento. Io ancora non ci riesco, ma guardando le tue foto vedo che hai capito qualcosa di te. Complimenti.
A.Claudio Gizzi
10 months ago
proprio così, l'autoritratto svela la parte meno accessibile a se stessi e te la rivela a volta meravigliandoti che quel volto possa appartenere a te... Un modo per affrontare i propri lati sconosciuti...
Sofia Masini
11 months ago
Sofia Masini Artist, Photographer
Grazie a tutti! thank you all :) Sofia.
Annalisa Lucenti
11 months ago
Annalisa Lucenti Photographer
11 months ago
LUCA Painter
complimenti, foto e testo si combinano alla perfezione e nulla sembra finto
Joseph Ayerle
11 months ago
Joseph Ayerle Artist
good photo... but the contrast of "skintone" versus white room/white wall is something very very classical, all this advertising photographers make this when they make pictures of happy families in there home.
Personally i would use this classical variant for example if I have a motiv that is explosive.

What you wrote in the text is not visible in the photo ( or at least I dont see it,,,)

I just thought whatI would do. I would try to experiment, make the same picture and try out different symbolic items, symbols for the process you made in the past, the process described in the text.
Perhaps a key of a changed appartment, a letter...
good luck for the contest...

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