Digital Photography, Memory, Interiors, Mixed technique, 70x50x5cm

This project is about a house in the Northern Italian countryside that my mother inherited by my grandparents, which is also the place where I used to spend summer during my childhood.
In 2011 I was there again, looking for something to read, when, by chance, I found out a book with an inscription for me written by my grandmother in 1990:
"…may this memory be always with you".
I used some titles of the summary of that gift to create the chapters of my photographic research about that place, which is a perfect metaphor, to me, of what is gone.

Old pictures of my grandmother and her sister's childhood and youth that I found there and that I revisited in a magical perspective.

A journey between the past and the present, revising old pictures and confusing them with new ones, blending memories and expectation. It's especially focused on my mother.
I had that idea it in 2011, when my parents wanted to sell the house - they later changed their minds- and I wanted to say goodbye to that place with a photographic project.

3. LA GUERRE (Diambra Mariani and Francesco Mion - 2016):
When my parents decided not to sell the house, me and my partner, who's the co-author of that chapter, decided to go to live there at least one month a year to bring it back to life. It's a sort of 'war' against decadence, but it's like a 'sanctum', a private place protected by modernity.

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Diambra  Mariani
2 months ago
Grazie davvero Mariastella!
Maristella  Angeli
2 months ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Artist, Painter
Mi ha davvero emozionato: bravissima!
Diambra  Mariani
5 months ago
Grazie mille Nicoletta!
Nicoletta Cossa
5 months ago
Nicoletta Cossa Premium Photographer
Complimenti, il tuo lavoro mi piace moltissimo.

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