Painting, Spirituality, Symbol / Letter, Nature, Abstract geometrical, Mixed technique, 15.2x15.2x.5cm
After recently restoring some old gilt picture frames, I became fascinated with the shimmering quality of the pigments used in that process. Always fascinated with artists’s materials, I decided to allow myself to play with those pigments. This work, one in a series, represents a macro approach to the layered painting technique that I often employ in my work. Sol is a mixed media painting of the sun, painted by Carla Strozzieri, that uses light-reflective pigments to portray a sense of shimmering movement. It is best appreciated when viewed in person.

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3 years ago
robolotion Artist
Impressive series of celestial objects. (I'm very fascinated by astronomy and cosmology from a scientific point of view.)
What a pity that light reflective pigments cannot be properly seen on the screen.
Good luck with your coming expositions!

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