La forma del pensiero

La forma del pensiero

Collage, Spirituality, 220x50x01cm
Letizia Ardillo
The form of thought
220 x 50 Mixed media on old paper

In the work "The shape of the thought" I tried to tell through a sequence of images the incessant movement of the spiritual world. The figures are made with the technique of collage later photographed and imprinted on the pages of an old book. The simultaneity of the sequence simulates the lightness of creative intuition.
The idea comes from the notes taken from a Kabbalah lesson Yarona Pinhas, a scholar of Jewish mysticism. The ancient knowledge handed down, the hand that writes translates "form of thought", the written pages scattered along the circular route of the composition become portals that introduce new visions. The configuration of the circle describes the depth of infinity where every point can be focused and at the same time everything is magically connects to dissolve in the infinite space.
Those who use art as a form of expression has the privilege of access to a system that connects man with the whole universe.

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Suzan a1qq Hijab
3 years ago
bravo wonderfull - gratulation

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