Le Belle

Le Belle

The project is composed of a series of prostitutes’ portraits with the aim of giving them a voice and an image, focusing on their personality. Highlithing what they do defines the features but not the essence of what represents them.
It has been decided to not have a documentaristic and impersonal approach. Establishing a close relationship allowed to create an open narrative, including both good and very emotionally touching memories.
The intimate vibe that you feel while watching the portratis, underlines a confidential relationship with the artist. Each and evry shot has been created in accord with the character, therefore the caption and the title of the work represent a message that had decided the same subjects.
Despite the bad conditions of the environment where they live, every message owns an amazing positive actitude and an endless desire of not giving up on life.
The work has been realized in Catania, inside the San Berillo neiborhood.
Born as a working-class district in the second half of 19th Century, between the two World Wars, it has become already one of the biggest areas of the city. There was plenty of all kind of small shops, theatres and brothels.
Many years of wrong city plannings, unauthorised buildings, became known as the “Eviteration of San Berillo”. All these abuses, had destroyed almost completetly the district which today is composed just of the few historic remaining streets.
A progressively lower presence of structured housing units and the geographic form, permitted the neiborhood to become one of the most famous red-light districts of the island.
Inside a more then ever puritan Sicily of the first half of the 20th Century, a ghetto in the very historic center but far away from the view of the city.
The tendency had accentuated during the following decades, allowing the settlement inside the district of pleanty of prostitutes and “trapping” between their borders almost all the Transgenders that were sex-workers in the city.
Derelict houses next to buildings that has been affected by serious collapses, walled-up doors consequently to the several police roundups of the first years of the 21st Century and the following squattings, make the district a multiethnic and multicultural universe composed of inhabitants that live surrounded by an atmosphere of a never-ending abandonment.
This work is not just a series of prostitutes’ portraits, instead it is a wide open window to a reality that too often the society do not want to observe.

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AKU - Sergio Guercio
3 years ago
Apprezzare l'espressione della feminilità, indipendente dalla forma biologica è un concetto che la società fatica ad accettare. Complimenti per le foto e per l'audacia anticonformista.

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