Into The Fountain

Into The Fountain

Installation, Game / Fun, Plastic, 30x40x20cm
100 years after the birth of the Dada movement, the design of an installation never realized (not accepted in the contest in which it was presented) celebrates the teasing spirit of an artistic movement that has changed the fate of contemporary art:
in the double-stepped staircase of an ancient building a pink tube hangs at a man's height and allows, through its mobility, to be used as a telescope by those close to the railing that separates from the stairwell.
The surrounding space, like a small amphitheater, recalls the shape of the famous work of Marcel Duchamp and could turn into the same "fountain".
The pink tube, however, recalls a phallic form, and observing the space through it will be like recreating the point of view of Duchamp's penis every time he approached a "fountain".
"To desecrate a desecrator", to ridicule a serious work of art, to return to a common object its intended use is the ulta-post-extra-trans-dadaist intent that is set with this provocative and playful installation at the same time.
The tube, made of antistatic polyethylene foam, has dimensions proportionate both to the surrounding space and to the average size of the human penis.
The addition of yellow spheres simulates the final product of Duchamp's kidney excretion and makes the site-demenzial installation.

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