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11 months ago
Strong work! The conflict between Palestine and Israel is not primarily based on religious differences. Both "nations" compete for land and resources, so the problems can only be solved through political means. It is up to the international community to find a way, but the UNO is a weak organisation...
11 months ago
molto molto bella.intensa.
Suzan a1qq Hijab
11 months ago
Mi piacerebbe avere stella ebraica - Perché io supplico per le 3 religioni - purtroppo il tempo non è maturo - quanto sia necessario è la pace?
Come sarà questo sguardo di pace -

I would like to have Jewish star - because I plead for the 3 religions - unfortunately the time is not ripe - how necessary is the peace?
How will this peace look -

ich hätte gerne judische Stern dabei - weil ich plädiere für die 3 religionen- leider die Zeit ist nicht reif - wie nötig ist der frieden ?
wie wird diese Frieden aussehen -

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