Digital Photography, Political / Social, Mixed technique, 40x30x3cm
What happens when you come to New York for the first time? Surely the wonder paint our faces, smile to the face, , but just as certainly can not remain indifferent. Everything is extreme, albeit with harmony, whereas represents all possible worlds through, even, thousands of commercials, posters, neon signs etc.., who "advise" us on every little detail of our costs and our desires daily and future ... This constant bombardment, called Advertising, in reality is nothing more than propaganda and serves to "(...) a significant change in the opinions and behaviors (...)" ...
But if it were possible (maybe one day ...) to fly from New York to Cuba, the scenario that would be opened would be formally identical but with a content completely opposite: Propaganda and Advertising! Here's what you would find in any street, alley or house Cuban propaganda aimed at "(...) spread ideas, concepts, doctrines, political, social between layers increasingly large population (...)". If a city like New York represents all possible worlds, a country like Cuba, says that a better world is possible.
Since 1999, following a number of projects in Cuba, I have collected a lot of material: posters, murals, written on every surface, the more different thinkable. I could make a simple collection of material of historical documentation to show to grandchildren who certainly will know another Cuba. But the more I went there, I was more intrigued by the many revolutionary, historical, political, words without ever encountering another poster, apart someone on Cuban cigars, national rum or the beauty of the place. Cuba is the only country in which they are propagated only ideals and values.
But this is not enough to make a country or a myth (and they are both, New York and Cuba, for different and opposing reasons) a choice of life or politics, absolutely perfect as any of us would like. Both contain a number of apparent contradictions that make it difficult to determine if all worlds are possible and if it's possible a better world.
If "Americana Breakfast table set" (a photographic exhibition of about 20 years of steps in New York) I pointed out the contradictions of the various cultures that have landed and they live in close contact in one of the world's most fascinating cities, in Cuba , since it was of ideals and values, I have traveled far and wide to understand what did not work. For this reason, I compared the Cuban Constitution with Propaganda, that the essential elements that make up the animus of this country, a unique island intertwined with a fil rouge that connects politics and life, past and present, could help me to find an answer, but also a new solution to the question "a better world is possible?". A work in which light, colors, people and roads come together right and wrong in the human and social rights, today the polar stars for the real change.
The first title of this book was Cuba on the wall. But it was difficult to translate in Italian and Spanish without giving a meaning more negative than positive. So then became a subtitle and I chose Propaganda (and maybe I could add Constitution, but would become a real Constitutional Treaty), sothat the advertising game could freely intertwined with ideals, with everyday life, with reality, positive and negative. The use of three different languages, leads not only different concepts, but in general the fact that everything is possible, everything is interchangeable, depending on the point of view.
The sections 'play' on a double meaning: the 'Che', pointed out should be read both in the Italian sense of particle junction that in the sense of the proper name of Ernesto Che Guevara. In each section there are subsections that correspond to the keywords that are found in the articles of the Cuban Constitution (especially the fundamental articles) and that gave birth to the history of the last 50 years in this country. The images of each subsection, ranging from posters to real life, try to suggest to me in the first place, the perception of what "moves" (propaganda, ideals) of written goals (the Constitution), how they lives (everyday life).
'Yesterday more than today' is directed to the historical and political structure of Cuba: Jose Marti (Chapter 1, Art. 5), History (Chapter 1 art. 7), Revolution (Chapter 1 art. 3); Fidel Castro (Preamble to the Constitution but also ch. 10, art. 74).
'The way That I walk' is about what has been done by an institutional and ideals points of view: Anti imperialism and embargo (Chapter 1 art. 12), the Armed Forces (Ch. 8 and Ch. 14 art. 134); Bureaucracy , executive (Chapter 1 Articles. 10:26, but also chaps. 9, 10 and 12); Judiciary Power (Chapter 1 art. 12, but also chaps. 7 and 13), Legislative power, popular and youth of Vanguardia (Chapter 1 art. 6 and chap. 14), Communication (chapter 1 art. 12, but also to Sec. 7), Foreign policy, trade and South America (Chapter 1 Articles. 12, 18).
'The color that wins' or identity card of Cuba that has made itself a legend in the world: Socialism (Chapter 1 art. 9, but also chaps. 7, 15); Properties, in all meanings (chap. 1, Art. 14-21), Environment (Chapter 1 art. 27), Job (ch. 1 art. 9, but also chs. 6 and 7), Health and support (Chapter 1 art. 9, but also Chap. 7), Family (Chapter 4)
'The Light That dance' turns to the way of life: Equality and freedom (Chapter 1 Articles. 9.12, but also chs. 6 and 7), Education and Culture (Chapter 1 art. 9, but also chaps. 5 and 7); Religion (Chapter 1 art. 7, but also chap. 7), Citizenship and foreign (chapters 2 and 3).
'Cuba What a Heart' a country (Chapter 1 Articles 1, 2) almost metaphysical between monuments, people, cities, posters: everything, reflections aside, you can enjoy in this country.
'That time does not pass' proposes a myth of world history, an integral part of everyday life, a true icon that is not mentioned in the Constitution, but it is ideally part of its Preamble: Ernesto Che Guevara.
'The heart that cries' between 'ideological sentinels' and constitutional reform (Chapter 15 art. 137), to evoke a sense of time, but also the unique identity that must be told, but can also be improved.
If in a few years all of this probably will not see it anymore, for better or for worse, the idea of leaving a historical record, particular, social, with whom she lived, lives and did live in the myth, a population over 50 years, because, today it is time for a change everywhere, even there, and perhaps spreading from there, by the values and human rights, civil, and social, one can look back to a new world, a better world is possible because .

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