Russian photographer Katerina Belkina

Russian photographer Katerina Belkina

The Coronari 111 gallery in Rome asked me for a small size artwork for a future exhibition called “prêt-art-porter”. Its intended to have only small artworks that people can take directly at home – and I suppose its as well about prices, to provide something at the entry level. So usually portraits are not my specialty, but I had this picture somehow in mind and realized it as a kind of “modern silk screen print”, a true crossover with 2 printed colours + black and added collage elements.

a remark about the printing technique, self invented, still without name.
Te black layer, which is printed by a usual laser printer on a transparent film. We experimented a lot with laser prints on transparent film during the “cours de graphisme” at the Ecole de Beaux Art in Besancon. This black layer gives to the composition structure and deepness. I work on beige cardboards – so the tone of the cardboard is the first colour. I print then with a simple cardboard form my 2nd and 3rd colour. The usage of cardboard print forces me to make extremely strong decisions about colours and composition. This kind of print doesn’t allow any details. As the last part I highlight with white colour some parts, usually by painting directly on the transparent film.
The nice thing is that this layered technique allows to experiment with collage elements and photos as well.

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Joseph Ayerle
5 months ago
Joseph Ayerle Artist
For unknown reasons my artistic path runs on two different railroads: photography and mixed media painting. Some people know only my photographic work and buy my photos, some others see me as a pure painter or even recommended me to stop working as a photographer and focus on paintings,
The prints allow me to fill the gap between my photography and my paintings,

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