Macchina per lanciare gli aeroplanini e asciugare la lattuga mentre si beve il the.

Macchina per lanciare gli aeroplanini e asciugare la lattuga mentre si beve il the.

Machine to launch paper airplanes and dry the lettuce while you drink your tea.

Materials needed for the power supply and operation:

A homemade cake 1.8 kg, packed in gift box.
280 paper airplanes with no ailerons.
1 of washed lettuce strain.
Three lemons.
1 packet of tea.
Milk and sugar at will.
1 apple.
1 for flash bulb.
1 red dress.


Panettone "A", connected to the belt "B", since it is notoriously heavy to digest, descending actuates the pin "C" connected to the wheel "D" that contains the housing for the lettuce to be dried "E". The speed is set at 33 rpm from the disk "F". The pin "C" is in turn connected by a belt to the "G pulley" which transmits the motion to the belt "H" equipped with hooks for the launch of the ramp planes "I". The tea can be corrected with lemon "L" or with milk and sugar ( "M" and "O"). For those who want a memory to share on social it has supplied the camera "P" with its single-use flash. The pump "Q" is used to cool the tea if it's too hot, possibly chewing a cewingum "R" (Keep in mind: To get a gum you need a 10 cent coin). The colored dots "S" has been reported as a hardware control. If the machine was running too fast these give the rear disc an unpleasant color "persimmon". In the case, open the packaging of the cake and eat a slice. For operation in the EU, in compliance with safety regulations, instead of the first-aid kit has entered a "T" apple, to be changed every day. In the rest of the world you can wear glasses with a straw ( "U"). The 280 necessary paper airplanes are packed in "V container". Each machine is equipped with a user and maintenance manual that is inside the drawer of the table "Z".

Thanks to:

Hilary, who despite being just emerged from another set in which personified a nun, seems to have had no difficulty in the change of role.
His mother who has provided her the dress.
The laundry room because I figured if not stained ...
of "Passion Pictures" My friend Mario who found the flashbulb.
The toolmaker scene for being fired without promoting action with unions
The unions that have known but they did ignore it.
The Chinese community in Milan.
Bruno Munari (Milan, 1907-1998), whose useless machines produced movement and color, to look like clouds, coming out from the places of useful machines. My "useless machine" is this photograph, which I hope will put on that big board outside the Monumental in Milan, so maybe you see it and we'll laugh about it.
My mom, because I felt bad just to thank Hilary's, although she did a better job ...

Apostille of the photo agency.

Cause slight altercation between stage assistant and photographer, the latter has inadvertently pressed the YES button in the camera menu "But are you sure that you want black and white?". Since the customer wanted at all costs to color, it goes to know why, we sent the photo to color in a workshop in Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan. It was cheap. The original colored was handed back with a fortune cookie with the message that we publish entirely:

"Not contain palm oil.
Dear Sir, we colored her picture, I am sending because the boss, japanese unique, strange, yesterday made harakiri. Only two small problem I think. Since our specialist he only colors lemons went to study Brera, now he says that he is a great artist and his pink period. Instead, yesterday has come another gentleman who wanted a false picture to put in a new museum... I think your photographic backdrop it is exposed to Luvre in Dubai ... I'm so sorry, do half of money and I do not invoice. "

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Valérie  Cagnoli
2 years ago
Magnifico!! *-*""
Domenico Frisini
2 years ago
Domenico Frisini Architect, Artist
Mi vengono in mente le fantasmagoriche copertine degli LP di Frank Zappa o Captain Beefheart degli anni 60 e 70... davvero interessante la tua creatività eclettica. Sarebbe carino avere un aeroplanino con macchia di thé. ;)
Paul Brotherton
2 years ago
Paul Brotherton Artist, Designer
Absurd....amusing......clever piece.....nice one!
Enzo Dell'Acqua
2 years ago
Enzo Dell'Acqua Artist, Photographer
Thank you Stefan, you have caught the essence! This machine is deliberately useless and chaotic, and remembers human existence and its unnecessary affection, trying to exorcise it through a smile!
Stefan Thiesen
2 years ago
Stefan Thiesen Artist, Photographer, Journalist
More precisely I should have said: DESPITE ITS INTERNAL LOGICS it doesn't make any sense whatsoever - like contemporary globalized human reality. But maybe I'm over-interpreting. Just what popped up in my heated brain.
Stefan Thiesen
2 years ago
Stefan Thiesen Artist, Photographer, Journalist
It doesn't make any sense whatsoever - like the real world of humans ;-).
Ferruccio Badi
2 years ago
genio ... machiavellico ...:-)
 Anna Scopece "DARVIN"   ( non Darwin )
3 years ago
qui c'è un grande genio con un enorme fantasia!!!! ahahah!!!! COMPLIMENTI!!!!
Nanouk Reicht
3 years ago
Ha,ha...Mi piace !
3 years ago
Bello! :-)

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