Wall Project

Wall Project

Analogue Photography, Still life, Memory, Interiors, Family, Analogue, 141x108x15cm
Wall” is a photographic series that looks at the effects of environment on the Palestinian community.
How does separation and division affect a community? What happens when a family lives with a wall around them.
I travelled to Palestine’s West Bank to meet over 20 families whose lives are coloured by separation and division, inviting them to look at this issue from their standpoint.
Each family’s living room was divided by a “wall of their favourite things” using objects chosen from their home, which hold importance to them. e middle object placed in their created wall has the most significance to the family.
‘A wall made of a family’s treasured possessions can be more insightful and eloquent than a portrait of its owners.’
Tragedy, joy, weddings, deaths, memories and celebrations are universal in any family, and the viewers of “Wall” are invited to identify with the Palestinian families on these level. At the same time, the created wall symbolises that this division overshadows everything.
e lighting on the “Wall” series was reflected from two mirrors to illuminate the objects, similar to a periscope, used to see over obstacles, some- times a new light can give you a wider perspective.
A variety of areas and social groups in the West Bank are represented in this work and while one may assume that such foreign environments could be unfamiliar to the western world, “Wall” shows that the echoes of family life are globally shared.
Walls are constructs with an outward appearance of purpose. In an age where we are ever more connected, seeing parts of ourselves in others is a powerful tool for acceptance and understanding.

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