The photographic work is based on the symbolism of the financial newspaper and the historic moment of our time in which we see rising barriers along the borders all over the world. My will is to focus and draw attention to the injustices and inequalities created by the faults and weaknesses of capitalism. The name of the famous American financial district headquarters originates from a real wall built in the 17th century by the Dutch to protect their settlement. Building a wall is a slogan, a powerful symbol that brings out the economic gap between the richest and the poorest of the Earth. Barriers become visible boundaries between peoples, marking global systems and cultural differences while dividing the world between winners and losers. Obstacles represent a tangible solution to protect cultural, economic, political, ideological, religious and territorial issues. Walls have profound psychological effects, they create distrust and mutual dislike, distancing populations. These physical barriers erected by society in order to protect their models feed the intolerance of invisible walls, which are much harder to break down.

Tecnica: polaroid emulsion transfer collage.

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