Everyday life makes Friday

Everyday life makes Friday

I would like to refer to the three medial image excerpts on parallels to today's pictures of shipwrecked refugees in front of Lampedusa who are trying to reach Europe.

Image 1
Friday and Robinson is a 1975 film, a satire.
Robinson Crusoe is stranded on a deserted island. There he takes on a "native" whom he calls Friday. From Friday's perspective, Robinson appears in this anti-colonization story as a simple exploiter and Friday as wise.

Image 2
The painting "Raft of Medusa" by Théodore Géricault, 1819.
The Medusa ran on a sandbank, there was no ship that could have released her again. After two days of trying unsuccessfully to free himself, the ship was decided to give up.

The sea turned into a deadly trap

As the future Governor of Senegal, together with his family and officers, wanted to stay, a quarter of the seats on the two large rescue boats were released. The colonial officers were ransacked with their families on dinghies and oars. Since the rescue boats were not enough for the entire crew, one could, with all that one could snatch from the Medusa, a raft of 20 x 7 meters. The shipwrecked men were pressing on him. The more comfortable rescue boats were to take the raft into the tow, but the lines were quickly cut. 120 kilometers off the coast of Mauritania, the unsafe vessel quickly lost itself in the infinite expanse of the ocean. The sea turned into a deadly trap.

There began a thirteen-day wandering of pain, hunger and suffering. Already from the first night there was nothing more to consume than wine. The weakest fell into the water or were pushed into the sea, the others were, as soon as they were dead, devoured by their sufferers, who had become astray by the deprivation. On the 17th of July 1816, the thirteenth day of the wandering, Argus' tips on the horizon appear. Théodore Géricault chose this modern moment for his modern history. But the burgeoning hope does not come true, becomes desperation: the distant ship disappears behind the horizon. When the raft of the Argus was finally spotted and recovered a little later in the day, there were only fifteen survivors out of 149 shipwrecked, five of which were hardly on land.

Image 3
In the movie "Castaway" from the year 2000 the modern Robinson finds his Friday in a volleyball, on which he has left a blood - stained handprint, into which he forms a face and whom - according to his brand name - "Wilson" baptizes Second main roll of the film. It's about human relationships. The volleyball serves as a human substitute in the extreme situation of being alone. With of the escape of the island with his built raft Robinson loses his friend "Wilson". He tries to save him, because it seems hopeless, Robinson saves his own life under emotional pains of parting.


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