There is a world-the one that they have always told us to watch- made of eyes that watch only the visible. A world often scintillating, sometimes chaotic and exuberant, where conflicts are always far away from us, barely noticeable (sometimes nasty and redundant).

It is the sky above our heads, everything we see glancing upward, imagining the unrestrained sparkle of the unknown.

Then, there is the world that we don’t see. Right below us. Or maybe over (it depends on the weight of the ideas we don't like). That's where all the things we want to hide lie. It's right there, trampled by our feet, that the wars (especially interiors) that we don't want to see, the problems that we continue to ignore, the solution that we never tried lie.

That's where we can see the most true things. The rarest ones. The part of us (and of the world) that we always chose to ignore. That's where you find the most obvious solutions. Those ones you see when you lower your gaze and change your point of view.

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