DAD...we have a problem!!!

DAD...we have a problem!!!

height 60
width 46
Weight 8.5 kg
This work started after 4 months of hard work. is made of bronze by lost wax casting and colored blue, highlighting only some details in polished bronze, as part of the beard some sections of the hair, the nails and the crown of the hands, in a move that will make the sculpture. each of the 9 pieces has a different color, which makes them unique.
this work is the P.A. of No. 9, without fear of contradiction, this series is unique in the world, he wants to represent two of the most recognizable symbols of our era despite having 2000 years of difference, Christ on the cross and a smartphone. I specifically made the face of Christ suffering little, trying to give the viewer the impression of waiting for a response. It is easy for those who visions figure out who might be the absent party, but for the uninitiated I purposely engraved on DAD smartphone.

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Marta   Mercês
1 year ago
Great! Great! Blue understand of something....we can not explain. I would grab is hand. "The passenger grabbed for the oxygen mask" Compliments on your art :)

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