"Capturing a moment doubles the present in two divergent directions, one runs towards the future, while the other sinks into the past." Gilles Deleuze|
I was born when my parents were 40 and no longer together while my siblings were entering adulthood. Conflict was ubiquitous in my childhood. Looking at my family portraits, however, I succumb to the illusion of happiness and bliss.
Trying to enact dreams of time travel, I question the finiteness of photography, "entering" family photos with the use of projection. I take on a triple role: of the operator, spectator and subject - and in a therapeutic way, I seize control of the crucial fragment of my familial archive, spanning through the 90s. By updating photos that I did not take, I redefine my family history, all the while creating an extensive self-portrait. I cover the past with the present and vice versa, materializing myself both there and here.

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