Invisible Stories on Silver Surfaces

Invisible Stories on Silver Surfaces

In the visible truth of today’s society, the invisible is the story.

What we deem as reality is reflected to us differently, and these realities are hidden underneath faces and surfaces. Realities of existing conflicts which can be kept eternally unseen if we cannot require ourselves to engage and immerse beyond our traditional consciousness – if we never search for the invisible in the visible.

Existing conflicts, may it be personal or communal, are not just the daily realities of the human experience, and not even just the reflection of our realities. Conflicts are more than what our eyes can see, what our ears can hear, what our skins can feel, and what our mouths can speak.

Conflicts are underneath. Conflicts are our real stories.

In the times of modern media, our real stories get lost in the tide of details, clashing data, and endless terminologies. With this, our stories just become information and our conflicts just become statistics.

Our stories of conflict are not just statistics. Our stories make up our identity. Our stories make up our community. Our stories make up our humanity.

And our conflicts are the real stories of our humanity which remains concealed in surfaces that are not always seen in front of our lenses.

The art project Invisible Stories on Silver Surfaces attempts to challenge the concept of documenting or exposing stories of social realities. Since time immemorial, we’ve seen several images of the human condition through photographs that reveal common truths and give faces to societal issues. But there are still stories kept invisible.

The project explores the stories of conflict in different communities in the Philippines and let the viewers participate by investigating hidden truth behind reflected surfaces. Maybe by not seeing faces in a portrait, we can begin to see more than just what our discernment prescribes us to see or unravel the varied but interrelated conflicts that are underneath.

Maybe, our real conflicts are the invisible stories of the visible truth of today’s society.

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