What brings a nation together? What tears it apart?

Tea, in Turkish culture, is a very significant part of everyday life. An average Turk drinks at least 3,5 cups of tea each day. Families and friends come together to drink tea, whilst discussing anything from global issues to neighbourhood gossips. Turks, known for their hospitality, would even offer tea to someone visiting their store, or a tourist visiting their town. It is the prominent social lubricant, and is treated with great respect.

On June 5th, 2015, a political rally in Diyarbak?r was attacked. Since then Turkey has been experiencing repeated waves of terror attacks. People living in the larger cities, such as Istanbul and Ankara, live under the constant threat of death. Even simple decisions, such as going right or left in traffic, have become trivial, as it may or may not result in one being a passerby victim of a spontaneous terror attack.

With the increase in number and size of militant groups, terrorism is becoming a threat for a greater number of countries everyday. This video contrasts images of the traditional fashion of Turkish tea making and found footage of terrorism to raise awareness on this issue. The title "623,703" refers to the number of cups of tea that would have been drank between June 5th, 2015 and February 3rd, 2017*, by the +685 people that have lost their lives to terror in Turkey.

*the date the video was completed

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Tahmina Sultana Rosy
3 years ago
Many people on earth will still die but by the will of God, Peacefully, not by the force of War!
Many on earth will still not be drinking tea but the reason should be 'free will' not by force of War!
Tahmina Sultana Rosy
3 years ago
Powerful speech!
Terror and War both must stop!

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