From project "Millennials"

From project "Millennials"

When I first met Delfina, the first time, realized that her story would help me for the report. Delfina is a woman who, in order to raise her children in Sicily — in his homeland has left the idea of living in Germany and went to Ispica, a small town of Ragusa. His idea was that his sons were not to be "children of emigrants," so he chose his ground as family nest. Delfina is a mother of three boys Uccio, Alberto and Daria. With his father absent due to work in Germany, the three brothers divided them United until the State grew.
In 2005, in fact to keep their university studies and for greater economic income, the family had bought a kiosk and a motionless, proud of the idea of being able to manage his own family business and find new job opportunities at home, especially for the future of their children. The kiosk became, thanks to the tenacity and skill of Alberto and Uccio, a social and cultural reference point of Ispica, a thriving business and at the same time cutting edge, for a mentality still too narrow like that of a small Sicilian village. The kiosk as well as the life of Alberto, Uccio and Daria suffered sharply a turnabout in 2010. The then Mayor, he decided, to mere campaigning to renovations of the central square, an area that encompassed the small kiosk. Jobs departed without any commitment by the Mayor, to notify the family, which was to see its business destroyed. At first, fascinated by the words of the Deputy Mayor, the family moved its activity to another kiosk just outside the old town of Ispica, having as guarantee only six months and at the end of the work in the square, the promise of their newly built their kiosk. Words not found honesty, as not only the family, due to the displacement and lack of economic stability began to borrow but the promise of the new kiosk was circumvented when backed out a call for the surrender of the kiosk. From there onwards, there were a series of unfortunate events, including the criminal complaint for building abuse by the municipality until arriving at the total distortion of family life.
With the total abandonment by the Community institutions, Delfina and his three sons began a legal battle that saw them at the forefront, to combat this shameful political act. Between hunger strikes, economic decline, the family unit fainted and Uccio and Albert were forced to leave the University and working projects that had begun in the country. Reluctantly and forced by the political mocking, decided to start over, in a German town near Stuttgart.
A United family, compact, which had found in their own land, Sicily, an anchor, a stable, a position, swept away from the tyranny of politics. A corrupt politics that was abusing its power to flout its citizens. Also this is mafia, the new "mafia", clean water, the one to Pontius Pilate. One that is far from the stereotype of Basque and marranzano, one that is in public offices, which still calls for silence. The mafia that runs between the buildings of the city, with public offices and frills bourgeois.

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