Collateral damages

Collateral damages

Painting, Political / Social, Oil, 90x70x3cm
"Collateral damages" is the title of a series of works started in the summer of 2015 and which now has a total of eleven canvases of different sizes.
All works are carried out a bombing and taken from a plane.
Sadly notes are images that are striking for their aseptic character and spectacular despite the reality is rather different.
This spectacle of war began ( at least for us italians ) with the first Gulf War in January 1991, known as the "Desert Storm", with live broadcasts virtually non-stop durations weeks and diffusion of the first images of targets hit by aircraft of the allied coalition against the Iraqi army.
All this does not prevent a spectacle somewhat inconvenient ( in my opinion ) the tragic event par excellence : the war.
War always brings death and devastation and not infrequently happens that next to military targets to be affected are also civilian targets such as hospitals, schools, privat buildings and to die are often among the most defenseless civilians such as women, children and seniors.
When this happens, because it happens, despite the armies of the developed nations are to have so-called smart weapons, or such, these goals are called "collateral damages".
Unfortunately these "collateral damages" always have a name, family and emotional ties, a life, a history behind them and a future that is foreclosed, denied.
The explosions, hit range represented in these canvases do not know whether they are a military targets or "collatral damages" : images are taken mostly from the Internet, sometimes from the newspapers.
Of course,today we are so invaded by images ( television, the Internet, smartphones ect. ) that we are desensitized.
But if the next time we will see an image like one of these paintings we were to think that there may be a collateral damage we may have laid the groundwork to exit an addiction distracted and give a little sense of real value to what happens around us.

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