Senza confini

Senza confini

Some news that concerns me.


Painting inspires me. It is an intense bond that I grow with constancy sin
From the beginning, when in October 2008 I enrolled in an oil painting course. From the hour it is present in my life daily

I love my works. Each one gives me so much. Emotions. Fatigue in execution. Stimulation to overcome the difficulties in realizing what in the mind seems so simple. Satisfaction, as the initial idea merges with the representation. Satisfaction, when the result is fulfilling.

For the realization of the works I use the oil technique both on canvas supports and on the table. Support measures vary depending on the subject to be created. I do not have a space dedicated to painting. The size of the painting is, therefore, subject to this impediment (my study is the table of the living room).

I frame all my works. I think a framed picture is more complete.

My paintings are accompanied by the certificate of authenticity, which I have drawn, on which are reported: the title, the measure and the period of realization.

Every frame of mine is a piece of heart I give you in usufruct.
More news for the better you will find it on my page of this site, within the biography. You can do so, also observe the other works I uploaded.

Notes to accompany this picture:
"We are made of the same substance of dreams ..."
Willliam Shakespeare - La Tempesta

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vittore  loriga
3 years ago
Grande Teresa !! Complimenti !!
Maria Elena  Ritorto
3 years ago
Bellissima!...Brava come sempre Teresa ;)
Lino Bianco
3 years ago
3 years ago
robolotion Artist
Awesome work. Bravo!
Maria Cristina Rumi
3 years ago
Molto bella. complimenti!!
Giuliana Zaghini
3 years ago
mi piace, bravissima come sempre!!!
3 years ago
Mi piace perché semplice.
francesca furin
3 years ago
Molto bella e originale!!!
Alessandro Lonzardi
3 years ago
Molto bella; complimenti.
SC. Di Stefania Carroli
3 years ago

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