YEAR: 2016

MEASURES: 19.6 inc. X 19.6 inc. X 1.37inc. (50X50X3,5cm)

ARTIST: Elisa Lamesi

TECHNIQUE: Oxidizing Flame Smoke, Burnt Earth: (Mixture of: Earth, Golden powder and Gasoline) and Pyrograph

CONCEPT: The soul is like a spider web: it lies in the most hidden places of our being.

EXHIBITIONS: The work was exhibited in ASSISI during: "ART WORLDWIDE TRAVEL 2016" at Ex Pinacoteca Comunale and Sala delle Logge;
In KOPING (SWEDEN) during EXPO CONTEMPORARY ART "INSIDE V" 2016 at the "Quirinus Art Gallery".
Domus Romana, Eudaimonia Event (RM)

PRICE: 900,00 euro

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