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The work is born to exorcise the "fear of evil", the technique used is an extreme collage-decollage (Rest Painter using the Collage-Decollage) which has as a final result a work that has above all the appearance of a ' Pictorial execution. I tear pages from magazines dealing with art and artists, with the images of works published by famous artists and I did not create my "palette" of colors from which I cut out the tiny pieces I make by approach to create what I have in mind "Rip Art Magazines to Create My Art ", the end result is a work not replicable even to me with a material surface. In this work I wanted to include (widely circulated) "quotations" using recognizably (to those who look closely) pieces of works by famous artists and not, among the "quoted" artists: Fontana, Giacometti, Palladino, Rotella, Magritte, Le Carbousier and others. For the subject matter and the meaning of the work, I prefer not to include any description, leaving the reader free to "read". Norberto Tedesco.

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