Loki, the Shape Shifter

Loki, the Shape Shifter

Loki the Shape Shifter

Carved horse's sacrum with pyrography

Loki is a famous prankster in Norse mythology. He is a master manipulator and his shape shifting gets him out of trouble time and gain. He is tolerated by Odin mostly because he is endearing. He maintains a pleasant nature, even while stabbing you in the back. He puts himself first, always, but when he is on a mission to save his own skin, he may just accidentally become useful.

Loki presented himself while I was carving into this horse’s sacrum. I carved in the lines, but somehow the piece was screaming for something more prominent. I chose to enhance the grooves by using a burning tool, a process known as pyrography. The end result was clownish and mythical. Looking at the sculpture, I imagine Loki shape shifting into a raven. He appears to hold a smaller package in his clutch; perhaps it’s another gift for Odin.

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francesca furin
3 years ago

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