DeComPUSter (ComPUSter n.1)

DeComPUSter (ComPUSter n.1)

Installation, Technological, Political / Social, Various materials, 110x210x150cm
ComPUSter is a sculpture being part of a set of six. This work is based on informal art/minimal art expressionistic and experimental language. It is made of objects combined in a new metaphorical symbolic meaning and enriched with sound and video for a fullest experience for the viewer.   Each object and each single detail of this artwork is either antiques or hand-made by the artist himself.

ComPUSter is the decomposition of both organic and mechanical matter, showing at the same time the obsolescence of materials and the obsolescence of minds, ideas and cultures. Old computers and proto-industrial machines joins the brand new computers in the same destiny: the inevitability of decline and oblivion.

Within the common concept, each ComPUSter is a unique representation of a different idea. The first one, called "DeComPUSter", shows how the computer is corrupting our intellectual faculties and literally turning into a brain meat grinder. The blade dominating the composition is a metaphor of the link between the observer and the eye looking from the installation monitor. The eye in the video is the eye of social media: we ourselves created our Big Brother.


11HellHeaven Grand Opening @ Fondamenta
25 Feb Rome, InsideArt
"Spoleto Arte meets Dali"
On maxi-screen on 28 April 2017 in Figueres (Spain)
"Spoleto Arte meets Van Gogh"
On maxi-screen on 29 April 2017 in Arles (France)
"Pro Biennale Venezia 2017"
08 May - 17 June @ Spoleto Arte, Chiostro Chiesa San Francesco della Vigna, Venice (Italy)
Factory Macro Roma 2017
Under Patronage of: Comune di Roma | Zètema Cultura
02-03 June Factory @ MACRO - Museo Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Rome (Italy)
Basel Art Weeks 2017
On maxi-screen in Basel Art Weeks 2017 joining the ArtBox Project 2017 at "Luminator" (J. Tinguely) Platform inside Basel EuroAirport from 14 to 18 June.
InArteWerkkunst Germany
“Still Life Berlin”
23 June – 15 July Otawistraße 3 Berlin (Germany)
Spoleto Arte during Festival dei Due Mondi
01 - 27 July at Palazzo Leti Sansi, Spoleto (Italy)
La Biennale Venezia 2017
with GaleriaZero during 57th Biennale di Venezia 2017 at Le Zattere | Fondazione Emilio Vedova from 16 to 20 July.
La Biennale Firenze 2017
International Contemporary Art XI Florence Biennale 2017 at Fortezza da Basso from 06 to 15 October

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