TV BEING 010-01

Installation, Technological, Birth, Ideas, Philosophy, Video installation, 90.2x221x37.5cm
There are very simple digital codes in all electronics, such as televisions, speakers and computers. Not only is the daily output of these electronics incalculable, but also an enormous number of them are discarded. Unless the memory chips or CPUs of the circuits are completely destroyed, they can still operate by the command codes inside their bodies. What if these command codes were accidentally and repeatedly combined, generating mutant codes and errors among themselves? What if a code were to realize its consciousness during this continuous operation? As digital technology continues to develop and more e-waste is produced, the possibility of machines to unexpectedly interact dramatically increases. My artwork, “DIGITAL BEING,” is based on this hypothesis, that technology can unexpectedly evolve.

“DIGITAL BEING” is a series of the media installations created from detritus of broken and discarded electronic devices and based on the hypothetical existence of an invisible and formless creature born within the circuits of technological garbage. This creature evolves and responds to its environment through an atypical movement or specific interaction according to the machinery that it dominates.

“TV Being 010-01” , a member of the digital being family, brings up philosophical questions, such as who am I and where do I come from, by displaying basic geometry in the form of a point, a line, a plane, and a planet.

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