Who Cares!?

Who Cares!?

"Who Cares?!" is a project in which the concepts of harmony, shame, common sense, serenity, difficulty and beautyness are twisted and broken. Here the stories in the images are not about what happened in the past to the involved people but they are about the trasformation that will happen inside them. People that have charateristics that are usually and socially considered "disharmonic" or "ugly" begin to reinterpret anything about themselves giving new forms to themselves and to their charateristics that felt shame to them. No sentimentalism, no nostalgia or sadness but only a lot of positive energy arised from "whom that don't care about", whom, althuough the social trends, conquer their own life in a own way, with joy and folly, that folly of whom can look beyond and enjoy the life. The transformation happen in a play moment, in the pure and ancestral meaning. The illustrations in the photos interacts with the supposed defects in ironic way, to exorcise what it's been always demonized and held in a taboo. One descent in the dark side of their own unconscious and of their own fears to came out purified. Abundances, handicaps and deficiencies in this photos change through a sciamanic and alchemical ritual in which become precious

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2 years ago
Smyleart Artist
Bellissimo lavoro!complimenti...mi ricorda tanto alcuni video degli Smashing Pumpkins
Francesca Alparone
2 years ago
Un nuovo modo di fare fotografia, bello molto originale ma soprattutto utile!

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