THE Origin of the world, 6554cm, 2016

THE Origin of the world, 6554cm, 2016

My project focusing on the relations between gender, origin, copy, photography and superstitions trough video and stills. The work called "evil eye". Photography by itself tied with eyes and visibility. I'm trying to connect the eye of the camera with the "evil eye". My photo “THE Origin of the world" will flirt with Courbet's work "Origin of the world” with the purpose to change the actual origin, just this time the woman is transgender and that her sexual organ is closed and unexposed. The origin is changing; it becomes opaque, emasculated and contains a male and female figure. The video comprised of old movies from my aunt's wedding in front transgender and queer. The video related to gender, superstition and photography as a platform . The video have no narrative ; it composed in patches to be connected as one experience. 

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