“The real freedom of those who run away is in the abysses”

The sea can wrap, swamp, and hide: in the depth of the abysses, human hopes lie in silence.
water, in its purity, absolves and forgives; this is the hope that abysses wants to celebrate, the same hope that pushes human beings to look for relief on the horizon, to placate their desperation.
Thousands of Ulysses travel towards their own Ithaca that appears too often insensitive and full of prejudices.
Water becomes a vital placenta for those who dream of "elsewhere", of the better day.
We just need to plunge into the depth: unlike men, the abysses don’t judge; they welcome.
Hell on the earth, freedom on the waves: “and foundering is sweet in such a sea.”

© Vito Difilippo / www.vitodifilippo.com

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