I own your city, your home, your postcode and you. I am a man

I own your city, your home, your postcode and you. I am a man

Painting, Feelings, Hate, Human figure, Political / Social, Watercolour, 5000x1500cm
My work explores the role of the male in systems of capitalism in London from a queer person perspective. with a focus on capitalist men, in particular, I try and understand how the changes that occur in London like gentrification are caused by the actions of these men and explore how gentrification develops to appeal to this audience. I try to explore and understand why people who benefit from gentrification in South London all seem to have similar traits about them, clothes, lifestyle, health, socialising and why people's identities merge and their lifestyles start to mirror each other.

I make Painting because it is my form of protest against this form of gentrification that directly affects my way of life and the area I grew up in south London. I want my voice to be heard as someone who can't relate to anything masculine in their life and has never been able to. I don't want to sit here powerless and watch my environment be shaped and changed by the privileged few.

I am of French / Palestinian heritage and also make film about the same subject matter. I recently ran a painting workshop at Tate all of witch can be found documented on my website. My website is the best place to view my work. www.gabysahhar.com
( also I am very dyslexia so sorry if there are any spelling misstakes)

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