Installation, Spirituality, Peace, Nature, Happiness, Video installation, 35.6x43.2cm
In this layered composition the artist merges a photo and a video that were taken in the exact same location in two slightly different moments. The concept of eternity, which gives the title to this work, has to do with the act of observing the environment as an eternal source of pleasure, relaxation, and fascination. At the same time the spectator becomes a part of that environment while highlighting its invisible geometry and symbolism.

“I was fascinated by the subtle geometrical forces apparent in this view, and by the subtle humor permeating the entire scene. In my eyes, that man, completely absorbed in the act of looking, symbolically embodies all of us, since the beginning of time. Additionally, the idea of an altered time inspired the layering of the composition, where the different “times” of the video and the photo came together as one thing.”

Special thanks to: Nikolay Sviridchik, Olia Rogova, Irina Abraham Chigiryov and Carlos Amaral Baptista.
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