Illustration on paper, ink, pantone, titanium whit acrylic + wooden frame.
The work is designed to show its meaning in correlation with its interactivity.
The visitor approaching the illustration can interact with it, opening and closing the frame.
the image you see, sit in the bottom of the wooden frame (the one Giacomo has uploaded)
but on the top, there is a layer that allows the viewer to see just the central part of it, like a paper mask with a hole (in the hole you can see just the two hands shaking, powerful symbol for political, economical and social statement).
So, when the visitor approach the illustration can see just the two hands shaking but only opening the page and take the initiative to explore, to know more, to see what for... discover the contest around it: PropagandHum (as the propaganda, that never show the whole picture but just the frame, a part of it).

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