This is the reason behind this photo:
All began the day a friend suggested I should take part in the Instagram BNL photocontest “Architetture verso il cielo” (“Architectures against the sky”). I thought, why not? By cosmic coincidence, I had been interested in similar subjects for a while. After some hesitation, I chose the photo to submit, that of two ventilation tubes from the glasshouse of a plant nursery, projecting towards the sky like sunflowers towards the sunlight. Since then, everything has changed. I see tubes and pipes everywhere: in the backstreet behind village dry-cleaners, in the garden centers scattered across the countryside, in the factories of our urban peripheries, in the football pitches behind the supermarkets… They are no longer involuntary architectures, like they appeared to me when I took part in the contest. Now they are very much alive, each one with a different story to tell. They are no longer simple steel tubes, but bridges between the private and public dimensions, allowing us to glimpse the reality hidden behind the walls.

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