Painting, Feelings, Freedom, Philosophy, Political / Social, Mixed technique, 50x70cm
“ Those good people got on the beautiful horses and went away …” Yaşar Kemal

The shadow. It was there… It was eternal and infinite. The only thing Shadow does not like is that it needs light for existence. The exception of this is the darkness in the night time. During the night, it gets rid of the need for light and entirely becomes itself. But then, by being away from the duality, it loses its reference and does not feel so sure as it felt during the daylight. (Picture 1)
Does the pain start with birth or vice versa? (Picture 2) Sometimes the pain comes via nature. It might be the loss of loved ones. (Picture 3) There are/were philosophical/psychological discussions over pain and pleasure. Was it possible to experience both, or in terms of senses; which one is deeper?... Are these arguments paradoxical? (Picture 4)
Anyhow, suffering from the pain did not come from the shadow, but it came through human beings (Perhaps the shadow side of them). Some suffered and are still suffering for their thoughts and beliefs. (Picture 5) Is it known that when man became the wolf of another (Homo Homini Lupus)?” (Picture 6) Cruelty, violence, and suffering have caused the Death of the Clown (inner child) where it has been tried to depict the disintegration and loss of joy within a forum of alienation. (Note: Alienation is a subject of which each facet requires careful attentions- but not to be discussed here furthermore) (Picture 7)
Generally speaking, in the past and moreover today, the focus of the conscious and the desires - mostly driven by marketing, and designed by perception management-is not to meet the needs, but to have more for egocentric satisfactions (not the only reason) causing consumption and subsequent destruction. (Picture 8) Regarding the realities of life, nothing is limitless and somehow dialectic works. The band-aids are not enough anymore… (Picture 9)
For people, feeling desperate against suffering – not for the ones coming through nature but the human-made- there is not much room left; and if possible, Is “Smile Against Suffering” be one of the options? (Main Picture)
It looks like, it is quite an ironic journey of the humankind from “Ex nihilo” to “Smile against suffering”; which each and every individual is responsible for. Is not it…?

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francesca furin
2 years ago
Complimenti, molto bello!!!!

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