(S)Composizioni-Metafora della Vita

(S)Composizioni-Metafora della Vita

Project "(De)Compositions - Metaphor of Life”.
This project tells my research that starts from photography of architecture to tell, with a metaphor, two stories: a) the story of our ability to transform, for better or for worse, the environment in which we live; b) the story of the personality evolution of each of us, through decomposition and recomposition of our emotions and life experiences.
My research began photographing landscapes of contemporary architecture. Using particular shooting perspectives and compressing the depth of the place through a strong zoom, I transform the landscapes of contemporary architecture in abstract geometries, in which depth and three-dimensionality of the original place often disappear altogether. But then, using the same geometrical shapes that are in the architectural photo, I realize installations in plexiglass and glass sculptures (or steel sculpture painted with acrilic, these one realized by my friend Andrea Ciresola) in which I recovery the three-dimensionality of original location, but reintepreting it.
Then the path starts from the three-dimensional architecture to arrive at the two-dimensionality of a geometric abstract photography, and then returned again to three-dimensional installations in plexiglass or glass sculptures formed by the geometric elements that made up the photograph.
The result of this change is a different place than the original, but made with his own bricks: another environment, or a new and different person, but always of the same original material.
It is a conceptual circuit in which you can probably gather reminiscences of artists like Malevich, Mondrian, El Lissitsky, Rothko, Peter Halley, but also of psychiatrists as Freud, Jung and others.

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