I'm out

I'm out

Painting, Symbol / Letter, Minimal, Illustration, Censorship, Mixed technique, 81x121x4.5cm
The painting method i’ve been experimenting with during the last period, is based on the projection on canvas of digital collages,personally elaborated with Photoshop and then painted with oil colour.
The intention behind this methodology is to come out creating a painting where the personal taste and the “holiness” of painting
will be reduced to the minimum to foster at the best the lucidity and the intention of “making a painting”.
Projecting the images on canvas, their digital texture of the collages assume trough out the oil painting a more phisic and materic character, to give back the proof of the manual process.
What I’m particularly interested in about this practice is the ralation produced between images and texts. This allowed the canvas to be immediately read, finding this way an exchange link between the audience of the work.
The images i choose they come from Internet researches i make everyday, and i choose them because they are kind of familiar to the majority of people. Texts come from books, magazines, articles on the Web, etc, theyi nature is intentionally ambiguous to generate an fast lecture, leaving open different interpretation.
In “I’m out” there is a strong relation between materials.
The image of the skeleton is drawn with graphite while the donald duck and and the text are painted with oil. The “background”, made up by the white outline near the limit of the frame and the red section are painted with spray as the censured word S**T. The accurate use of different materials allows a final elaboration particularly interesting rather the initial digital mold.
The aesthetics behind this kind of work is recognizable in the advertisment posters and/or it the little stickers that flood our city poles.

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