Like a list

Like a list

Painting, Freedom, Ideas, Nature, Symbol / Letter, Mixed technique, 70x100x2cm
“Like a list” comes from the series of digital collages made with Photoshop, projected and then realized with oil paint.
On a blak and yellow stripes background made with spraypaint, a bunch of bananas and an opium poppy’s exploded view drawing are painted, while the sentence says “It’s a bit like a list”, winking to the explenation of contents.
The buch of bananas and the exploded view drawing, with all his components are lists themselves, as the the black and yellow colours for the background that define a kind of rithm, like a list.
My interest toward this specific subject lies in a particular feature: as the research made for the images, the choice of the list is given by it’s common use and its way to be recognizable.
When you go to grocery shops or use them like memos, lists are hardly influencing our daily life, not just behind the shapes of letters.
Being able to recognize a certain subject or a cerctain kind of experience allow the audience to come closer to the painting,stimulating it’s curiosity.

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