'The Secret Conversation of Snow Yaks'

'The Secret Conversation of Snow Yaks'

This work titled 'The Secret Conversation of Snow Yaks'
came from a vivid dream I had about three snow yak men set amongst a snowy landscape. These creatures were having a secret conversation which I (as the watching viewer) interrupted. I was inspired to re create this other-worldly dreamed vision and continue to explore these ideas further.
The process begin from the initial concept/drawing to sculpting in plastercine, moldmaking in rubber and casting in silicone. From there I create the finishing by airbrushing and hair punching the final details. These creatures take on a life of there own.
W – 40cm (all three pieces together)
H - 15cm (all three pieces together)
D - 25cm (all three pieces together)

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Patrick Smith
2 years ago
yes..a different species..great!

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