Violet Rose

Violet Rose

Painting, Animal, Beauty, Human figure, Nature, Acrylic, 122x152x4cm
"Playfully, with a regal grace, and the fruitful attributes of a goddess, she casts her enchanment with pure spirit. She seems mystical, and it really is no illusion: she is strong and exudes confidence from her very being. She welcomes change. She is not afraid. She thrives in the dark and will show you the way."

Oryx is a symbol of Grace.
Cats are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection. They are also associated with darkness, mystery and magic. They are playful and unpredictable.
As well as beauty and colour, a butterfly symbolizes change and transformation and resurrection or rebirth.
Pagans recognize fish (and other water animals) as symbols of fertility and power of the female deity.
Violet, a shade of purple, which is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury power and ambition. It also symbolizes wealth wisdom grandeur, devotion mystery magic and independence.
The rose encapsulates beauty, promise, hope and new beginnings.

A violet rose stands for one with an irresistible enchantment.

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