Esperienza 0810

Esperienza 0810

Digital Photography, Feelings, Nature, Love, Mixed technique, 80x60cm

Photography taken with a particular technique, digital post-production has only intervened on the saturation of some colors.
A magical brush creates a wonderful fusion of colors: the image captured in a unique and unrepeatable instant stops the flow of movement over time.
Everything expresses speed and energy to the unbelievable power, but in a composite, orderly, almost rampant manner, a "calm chaos" that raises a swirl of emotions.
Earth and sky join in a hug of green, red, blue and yellow, typical hues of the countryside that seems to flow under your eyes. The two trees alone do not give the idea of ​​solitude but of peace.
The work will be printed on a 3 mm thick matt aluminum Dibond panel 80x60cm

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lucia leopardi
1 year ago

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