Painting, Portrait, Oil, 72x52cm
I do not know if I managed to do justice, however this is Laura, I have chosen her as a model for various reasons. First, because it is an exaggerated beauty, she is not even 15 years old, but on the street they all turn. It has a strange and magnetic face, ceramic skin, 2km of legs and a huge breast. In the beginning I was thinking of the gold fund of the early Christian apsens but it did not need her because she had gold in her hair, the dark one and a little reddish of the old jewels.
Secondly, because as the Creator creates: he is a writer and I hope that he will cultivate forever this gift. Thirdly, to cite the divine pose, I wanted a woman more furious than me (the Almighty, he knows, has a clumsy, and if he turns to him, he could always hurl himself against a plague in Egypt), she is just so, with that Arm raised does not know well whether it is to bless us or send us all soundly affectionate. You can spend the hours in motion to read, in the place you chose, moving with an awkward phenomena, like a sleepy lioness, then turning suddenly like a beast to anyone who tries to move it. It is as if in a submerged mantle of cerebral calm, holding a huge ball of energy that sometimes runs away and blows. Over time, I believe, will be able to learn to convey it wherever it will go. Well, this picture is a wish, which can feel panned (complete). He can handle all the scary wealth he has without losing his head, losing it to some lucky ones.

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2 years ago
LALLA Artist
grazie Annalisa!

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