Folded 03

Folded 03

Digital Photography, Nude, Human figure, Beauty, Computer graphics, 110x110cm
The Baroque refers not to an essence but rather to an operative function,
to a trait. It endlessly produces folds. It does not invent things: there are
all kinds of folds coming from the East, Greek, Roman, Romanesque,
Gothic, Classical folds. … Yet the Baroque trait twists and turns its folds,
pushing them to infinity, fold over fold, one upon the other. The
Baroque fold unfurls all the way to infinity.

The Fold, Leibniz and the Baroque, Gilles Deleuze, The Athlone Press, Great Britain, 1993

“Through his art practice he is investigating the changing nature of reality and visual representation in the digital age, exploring the new qualities and limitation of the digital image in its networked environments.”
Christopher Vanja – Gallery and Project Manager at Art Basel, Switzerland

Data Traffic

Data Traffic is based upon a continuous manipulation of images. These are intersected, mixed and fused together through the use of software, digital technologies and manual intervention. The denial of the single image brings to assemblages in which the elements are no longer separable but rather become part of multi-layered networks. This process visualizes synthetically the complexity of the digital age, its fragmentation and acceleration, the accumulation and ubiquity of images. It also reflects on the broad crisis of visual representation.

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