Our understanding is not of great help to the truth

Our understanding is not of great help to the truth

His work is based on carefully structured hexagonal modules made of wooden sticks that with both simplicity and repetitiveness allow to create a stable unity, either smoothedged and self-enclosed, or open and potentially infinite. These sculptures derived from artist’s study of graphene that on atomic scale constitutes a honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms. (Discoveries on graphene and its applications gained in 2004 were awarded the 2010 Nobel Physics Prize to two physicists Andrej Gejm and Konstantin Novoselov)

The artists have an awareness of the great trends that are developing and devoting themselves to transmitting new ideas of our time in the fields of art and integrating them directly into society.
this work, characterized by simplicity, economy of organization, functionality and aesthetics, make poetic and beautiful what is complex and difficult to understand. They show a potential dynamic interaction between architecture, craft, nature, oriental philosophies, science and technology, which is so necessary in our increasingly changing society
The artist asks himself "Is our understanding so useful?", Or intuition and presence are sufficient.

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