Land(e)scape 11

Land(e)scape 11

Painting, Nature, Landscape, Plants , Acrylic, 18x13cm
Through my work, I try to provide a possible, interpretative key on the ontological status of the pictorial image in relation to various other experiences such as video, electronic music and videogames. The VR has an important role in the process of creation; is it possible, through the pictorial practice, to represent the “immersion” (a particular state of interactive inconsciousness) that can be experienced in the virtual world? In my artistic practice, the canvas becomes the physical place of an interaction between two different narrative systems. The elements that define the gaming experience, such as the presence of an Avatar (or many), an environment which contains interactive objects, are through painting rethought and reproduced.

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Michelle Sabogal
2 years ago
Meraviglioso, eccelso. <3 Bravo !

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