Attest you are human triptych (attest you are human), 2016

Attest you are human triptych (attest you are human), 2016

The current world we live in is fascinating. We are sitting on the axis of our material past and the endless possibilities of a virtual and technology-fuelled future. The change is organic but some stand out more than others as markers of this transition.

One such example is the reCAPTCHA, a system designed to establish that a computer user is human and not another computer system before authorising interaction.

‘Attest you are human’ is a tryptic of three photographs which explore the possible play on the words and multiple interpretations of the request to ‘attest you are human’. They contain the words ‘attest you are human’, ’a test you are human’, ’test you are human’ which can be interpreted as statements, questions or demands.

The words sit in a heavily contrasted landscape as alien as the request. The remote lunar-like landscapes of the Peruvian desert, a world far removed from the world of machines. Tracks lead from the foreground to the words before disappearing into the landscape behind, directing your eyes to the words as well as signposting the possible future direction of travel.

‘Attest you are human’ looks for the humorous, profound and ironic in an age where we need to confirm our humanity, that we are not a robot, in order to interact with machines.

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