#Venus (red), 2016.jpg

#Venus (red), 2016.jpg

Digital Photography, Symbol / Letter, Political / Social, Nude, Ideas, Mixed technique, 59.4x84.1x3cm
The Oxford English Dictionary describes ‘digital' as ‘signals or data, a series of the digits 0 and 1, represented by values of a physical quantity such as voltage or magnetic polarisation. Often contrasted with analogue’.

#Venus is a pinhole photograph of a nude in the classical style of Venus. Venus sits behind a digital layer of words describing contemporary interpretations of the word digital. The words are separated by hashtags; metadata tags used on social media and originally used in computer programming to denote code with special meaning.

The work contains old and new world symbolism. Venus, allegorical symbol of femininity is used as a metaphor for antiquity, contrasted with contemporary, text-based digital content, creates a tension between past and present.

List of words embedded into #Venus:

identity, communicate, accepting, new media, all consuming, virtual reality, speed, access to knowledge, pixels, evolution, ephemeral, print, evolving, responsibility, blue screen, access, interaction, social, censorship, language, technology, accessibility, affordable, digital trafficking, art crime, pixelation, digital asset management, virtual currencies, evolving, living, cybernetics, tele reality, memoriality, self-representation, surveillance, ephemeral, control over our lives and data, complexity theory, ether, finger, quantity, digital archaeology, autonomy, control, data, time acceleration, sociality machine, digital citizen, cybernetic serendipity, metafilla, system theory, scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.

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