Vibrazione Baires # 5

Vibrazione Baires # 5

Vibration Baires # 5 is a photograph taken in Buenos Aires, in the area of Puerto Madero. Glasses of a skycraper reflect skycrapers in front of.
Project Vibrations is a photographic research organically started in 2009. It starts from the observation that our metropolis feed of crystal, in skyscrapers each of which reflected itself in other, as modern Adoni.
The glass windows that surround us create a parallel universe of magical forms, now anthropomorphic now abstract, and even deception, fantasies, play of light that appear and disappear after a step. It is a seemingly virtual universe, but actually getting there. We run next that unaware. But if we stop just for a moment and - as the artist photographer Franco Fontana taught – we really “see” and not just we “look at”, then we can to find out that these crystal architecture paint wonderfull forms and landscapes.
This project is conceptually placed - through the choice of subjects, the cut of the shots, and sometimes, but not always, the digital reworking of the colors – on the border between photography and painting. Thanks to the reflections and color manipulation, reality becomes metaphysical, it goes beyond reality, to arrive sometimes to pure abstraction.

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daniela rotondi
3 years ago
Te lo copio e ne faccio una pittura!!!!!!

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