The Stream Art Project

Digital Graphics, Emotion, Abstract informal, Abstract geometrical, Generative graphics, 200x150x1cm
The Stream Art Project

The concept:
The Stream is a visual representation of the emotional flow of a community interconnected in real time.

The Stream is an interactive and multimedia artwork, where the contribution of each connected “user” is conveyed in a single digital image in real time, the sharing of a virtual space in which each one becomes part of the artwork itself, a timeless and neverending “flow”.

The flow, composed by all contributions emotionally connotated, is represented by using the mathematics of fractals in order to generate images that will change according to the flow itself.
The artwork intends to explore the concepts of emotion and identity in a fluid and rapidly changing reality, an interconnected world in which the use of communitation technology creates a kind of new digital identity, a different way of socializing and representing oneself towards others.
Identity understood as the lived of each one of us, the memory of the emotional experiences that reveal who we are, our emotions in our memories.
Choosing a meaningful image and a color expressing our emotion makes the interaction with the artwork a process of meditation on our own emotional state.

How does it work ?

The Stream App, for smatphones and mobile devices, lets the people to select an image or take a photo, associate an emotion and a preset color representing the emotion itself, this is the contribution and becomes part of the flow of all the people of the community.
A cloud rendering engine, based on mathematics of fractals, processes the emotional flow and generates an image daily, that will change in shapes and colors, according to the changes of the flow.

The sequence of images generated by the The Stream, will represent a time line of the emotional changes of the community from the beginning of contribution.

“It is believed that somehow fractals have correspondence with the structure of the human mind, that is why people find them so familiar. This familiarity is still a mystery and the more deepen the subject, the more the mystery grows”
Benoit Mandelbrot

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Some basic refence models:
PLUTCHIK and the Psycho-evolutionary theory of emotions (1958)
KANDINSKY and the color of emotions : The spiritual in the art (1910)
MANDELBROT and the theory of fractals

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