The works by Von Freyburg evoke feelings of feminine excess.
Her life-sized mixed media paintings show humanlike figures that are in a state of transformation and flux. These mutated heroines are material embodiments of their inner life and internal states. They express their inner psychological and emotional world and function as reinterpretations of the traditional allegorical link between women and nature, feminity, female mythological narratives, religion and western cultural archetypes of beauty. With the revelation of the imperfection of the canvas, she plays off the beautiful with the wastes of the internal.
The materials are edited within the layers as being part of her painting palette. Domestic textiles are wrought with fabric paint and bleach, before being attentively sewed upon the canvas. Traits are endlessly sanded until parts of the canvas are completely lapsed. Thick layers of crystal and tapestries are embroidered by hand on the canvas. Layer, upon layer, sections are adapted further, re-coated and frequently modified.
Von Freyburg is part of a group of artists that are looking for a renewed significance and meaning of the physical presence of crafted materials. The embroidery techniques offer a possibility to provide her work with a nurturing form of expression.
In reclaiming and perpetuating the feminine and flipping the ideas of applied art versus fine art, Von Freyburg investigates the inscrutability of aesthetics in order to complement and transcend the endless medium of painting.

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Luciana Maini
3 years ago
Molto bello!

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